Places to enjoy scrumptious omelette in Delhi/NCR

Everyone relishes a tasty omelette, thought to be a breakfast-exclusive dish, can be had any time of the day. There are various kinds of omelettes, slightly runny, full and crunchy, stuffed with vegetables, sunny side up etc. Enjoy these few places in Delhi which serve just the right tasting omelettes. 


Not a lot of variety in omelettes, this restaurant does it with the popular Eggs Kejriwal dish. Mistaken for being named after Arvind Kejriwal, it was actually a dish adored another Kejriwal (Devi Prasad Kejriwal) whose name lives on in this brilliantly crafted sandwich recipe which he used to order every single day at Bombay’s Wellingdon Club: Eggs on toast, infused with cheese and chopped green chilies on top. You can have this dish at any outlet, with one being located in Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub. 

Khan Omelette Corner

Affordable prices and variety of omelettes is always accepted by any one. In the by lanes of old Delhi, catering to a number of people, makes for a great joint for the Omelette enthusiasts. Made from Desi Eggs, they specialise in the cheese variety. Crispy egg filled bread with spices, green chili and a handful of coriander is just the best. For the more health-conscious, they also have an aptly named Omelette Lite which is fried in olive oil with three egg whites, served with brown bread.  This great corner for omelettes is located Near Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk, Baradari, Old Delh

Rahul Eggs Corner

 Over 300 varieties of egg dishes, this place is an egg paradise. Scrambled, boiled, devilled, be it any kind this place has it all. And when it comes to cooking the omelettes, this corner for eggs does an exceptional job. The Tandoori Jalandari Omelette is by far the best to have and has a chicken variation as well. It really packs a punch being cheese and mayonnaise loaded, garnished with coriander leaves and topped with sauce over it. This place is right below the Keshavpuram Metro Station (Red Line), exiting from Gate No. 1. 

The All-American Diner

Located in the well-known Indian Habitat Centre, this restaurant has an atmosphere to an effect of a classic diner in America. A jukebox, checked floors, booth seating, retro posters, hanging Elvis and Monroe adding to that effect. Omelettes in this restaurant are exceptionally great, where you also have an option to ‘make-your-own omelette’ with an incredible list of toppings. There is also the famous Three Egg Omelette consisting of three farm fresh eggs, hashed browns and a choice of breakfast bread. Boasting an extensive menu of waffles, pancakes, shakes, burgers and sandwiches, their 1001 Dalmatians shake is to die for. 

Mangla Puri Flyover

This tiny Omelette Shop below the named flyover is favoured by many. The omelettes are cooked in generous quantity of butter and are served only after a squeeze of lime and a magical topping of secret spices. More melted butter is poured over the omelette, spiced up with onion, chili, ginger, tomato and lemon juice. And not to forget, shredded cottage cheese and green cilantro is sprinkled only adding to the flavour tenfold. You can easily find this place, simply by asking anyone where to get the best omelette.