Places To Visit In Nainital

Nainital is the most loved and the most known hill station which attracts major tourists all around the year. The place is extremely scenic and gives a chance to unwound from the super busy life in the City. It’s a good place for your family to get a break and spend some quality time. Once you are there make sure to hit these 6 places for a complet trip.

  1. Naini Lake

It is situated in the smack middle of the city. It is the heart of the hill station. Surrounded by  the majestic Himalayan mountains. It has boating facilities too which you can enjoy with you families while relaxing amidst the tall mountains.

2. Naini Devi Temple

This is an extremely popular temple. Devotees come from near and far to pay their homage’s to the goddess here. The goddess here is known for her eyes and is depicted by two eyes. The easiest way to reach is from Nainital Lake it will take you 10 minutes to reach by foot.

3. Tiffin Top

Popularly Known as Dorothy’s seat. Named after the English painter who used to visit here to pain the breathtaking view from here. You can see the Himalayas from here. It is a 4 kilometers trek from the Mall road. One can hire a pony or horse for INR 500-700.

4. Kilbury

It has a beautiful trek inside the sanctuary and make sure you have your binoculars. The place is situated at 2325 meters.  It is about 13 kilometers away from the main city. It has amazing collection of fauna.

5. Snow View Point

It is the best place for anyone who wants to just adore the snow capped mountains. Situated high up at the height of 2270 meters .It is a small trek away about 3 kilometers from the main city you can also hire a pony or horse for the kids and elderly. 

6. The Mall Nainital

This is the best place to buy souvenirs. Make sure you visit this road it has shops as old from the british times. You can buy lamps, rugs, wooden panels etc.