Visit North Goa’s Most Spectacular Cafes to Satiate Your Hunger in a Beautiful Ambience

Nothing is more fascinating and satisfying than visiting the incredibly beautiful places on Earth. Some places are so heavenly that one doesn’t feel like coming back ever. North Goa is one such place on earth that’s simply a heavenly abode. It’s worth exploring for many things such as pristine beaches, heritage sites, majestic forts, vibrant street markets, thrilling water sports, peaceful settings, exquisite cafes, and much more. It’s the place that one must visit once in his lifetime.

As we know food and traveling go hand in hand. So, visiting such a beautiful region without tasting the lip-smacking food and dishes served at some top-notch cafes in North Goa doesn’t make sense. We bring to you the top cafes in North Goa that offer an essential amalgamation of delicious food and incredible scenery and ambiance.

           Baba Au Rhum, Bardez

Nestled right in the small lane in the beautiful Anjuna Beach in North Goa, this café is nothing short of a paradise.  The food and the setting will quickly transport you to a different world. It’s known as one of the most fascinating Portuguese cafes famous for shakes, coffee, and a variety of burgers.

Look for House No. 1054, Sim Vaddo in Anjuna, Goa. The café starts at 9 AM and serves till 10:30 PM. You can easily get sumptuous food for two at INR 1000.

–           The Rice Mill, Morjim

This café is known for it’s ancient roots. It’s built in the heritage rice mill of 1955 which makes it pretty unique. The café is known for it’s delectable dishes such as Prawn Danggar, Keema Pavthey, Chicken Xacuti, etc. The icing on the cake is the regular live musical shows and gigs to amplify the mood of the customers.

Search for H.N. 384, near Bank of Baroda, Morjim, Pernem, North Goa. It opens at 9:30 am and closes at 11:00 pm. The prominent cuisines are Goan and Continental. The sumptuous meal for two comes easily at INR 1000.

–           Café Chocolatti In Candolim

This café is nestled inside the magnificent and plush green villa to catch everyone’s attention. It serves not only the sweetest treats to satiate your sweet tooth but also offers a rejuvenating ambiance to relieve you from a stressful journey. The lush green gardens around the café will make you indulge in photography.

It’s located at 09A, Fort Aguada Road, Candolim, Goa. It opens at 9 AM and closes at 7 P.M The meal for two easily comes at INR 1000. The indulgent continental cuisine is worth checking out.

–           Café Al Fresco In Cantina Bodega, Panjim

If you are searching for peace and tranquillity then this café won’t disappoint you. It’s an artistic and vibrant café situated inside the Sunaparanta Centre for Arts. It’s an epitome of grandeur and artistry that’s further followed by lip-smacking finger food, coffee, beverages, etc.

It’s located inside the popular Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts, Altinho, Panaji, Goa. The café opens at 10:00 am and closes at 7 pm.  You can easily get a good portion for two at INR 800.

–           Lila Café in Panjim

If you love open cafes surrounded by trees and greenery then it’s meant for you. The traditional ambiance with bamboo chairs and thatched roofs gives a nostalgic look. It is owned by a German couple who are very welcoming. The café serves delectable dishes such as croissants, omelette, ratatouille, etc. The café is specialized in continental, European, and German cuisines.

It’s located in Tito’s White House, Anjuna, Goa. It opens at 8:30 and closes at 6 pm. Since its an affordable café, so one can easily get a meal for two at INR 600.

–           Black Vanilla in Panjim

If you love an upbeat and contemporary ambience then this café will give you a premium vibe with it’s chic décor. You can sit and relax while gorging on delicious barbeque burgers, beef burgers, etc. It mostly offers French cuisine.

It’s located on the ground floor of S-4 Landscape Excelsior, Panjim, Goa. The café opens it’s doors at 8 am and closes at 11 pm. The meal for two starts at INR 700.

–           Eva Café In Anjuna

If you want a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea then you must visit this café. Gorge on lip-smacking food in front of the spectacular views of the waves and enchanting sunset. The café serves delectable European cuisine with some special dishes such as Blue Cheese salad and Green Shakshuka.

It’s located in North Anjuna, Goa. The café opens at 9 am and closes around 8 pm. The price for two to have a sumptuous meal is INR 800.

–           Sakana In Vagator

If you hunt for the best Japanese cuisine in North Goa, then head to Sakana in Vagator. The illuminated café has a pleasing décor.  The beauty of the café is that it’s located in the middle of two prominent beaches Anjuna and Vagator. You can gorge on lip-smacking Japanese cuisine with some of the signature dishes Kingfish Sashimi, California roll, sushi, etc.

It’s located on Chopra Main, Vagator, Goa. The service timings are noon to midnight every day. The meal for two comes at INR 1200, but worth every penny.

           Artjuna in Anjuna

If you are an art lover or an ardent book lover then this café offers the best selection of books in a decorative space. The Portuguese café offers delicious vegan food to address premium clientele. The live musical performances by bands further elevate the experience of customers.

It’s located at 940, Market Road, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa. The timings are 7:30 am to 10:30 pm. The meal for two costs around INR 800.

Final Thoughts 

A trip to North Goa is certainly incomplete without visiting these cafes especially if you are a glutton. So, suppress your appetite for good food at these top cafes in North Goa.