6 Destinations To Enjoy An Insatiable Cup Of Coffee Like Never Before

From East to West, everyone’s got a unique style of drinking a cup of coffee. Every place serves a different flavor of coffee to satiate your coffee craving. We have picked the top 6 destinations that serve an incredibly exclusive cup of coffee to crave for more.

•          Mexico

Café de Olla is a sweetened spiced pot coffee loved by every Mexican citizen. It is prepared by mixing cinnamon sticks, orange peel, and brown sugar with dark roast coffee.

•          Turkey

Turkey is famous for its Turkish coffee although it’s quite a work to get it right. Finely ground coffee beans are roasted and then simmered in a pot, with or without sugar, and then served in a cup. 

•          Vietnam

In Vietnam, they brew coffee with a single-serving metal filter that rests on a cup that cradles sweetened milk. This mixture is then poured over ice. They also egg coffee where you beat two egg yolks with half a teaspoon of condensed milk, honey, and vanilla extract until fluffy topped with black coffee.

•          Italy

Espresso Romano which is a popular drink in Italy is paired with a slice of lemon that helps in bringing out the sweet flavors of the espresso

•          China

Black tea, filtered through a cloth, is combined with sweetened condensed milk and mixed with coffee to make yuan yang. This is how the Chinese love their coffee

•          Ethiopia

From the country of origin of coffee, you will find the traditional methods of coffee preparation. It is prepared by roasting the coffee beans over coals and then brewing the grounds three times while incense burns. 

Final Verdict

If you are an ardent coffee lover then you must try the above-mentioned types of coffee to experience the best like never before.