Hikes And Treks Around Mussoorie For Adventurers & Mountaineers 

Mussoorie is known to be ‘the queen of the hills’ with an absolute reason for picturesque natural beauty. No matter what time you visit, this place will always stun you with its vivid sights.

If in case you love mountaineering, then here is the trail of hikes and treks around Mussoorie –

  • Everest House

Mount Everest is named after Sir George Everest, whose house is near Mussoorie, which is just 6 km away from the place. Well, it is not in good condition but still worth looking at. 

To reach here, you need to drive down to cloud end forest resort and then cover the distance by walking to see the scenic view.

  • Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

It is an excellent place that is a part of the popular Rajaji national park. As it is not commonly visited by tourists, it is a quiet place and worth spending time with your mates.

While trekking to the hill, one can also view deer along the beautiful birds.

  • Kempty Falls

It is a magnificent waterfall set in the lap of a green valley, where people usually relieve the stress of daily life. However, many of the youngsters take the opposite direction and hike with the stream before it falls from the cliff.

  • Aglad River Trek

A popular trek along the river that is renowned for its trout (freshwater fish). It is about three hours long and you can also do camping in the valley. 

Happy Valley

It is the place where Dalai Lama settled down when he returned from Tibet. The valley also has a considerable Tibetan Buddhist community, which lives and thrives here, and it is well-connected by a road. Populace prefers to hike the valley early in the morning which is a remarkable experience.

  • Jabarkhet Nature Reserve

It is a reserve set up to preserve the ecology of the forests around Mussoorie. You can reach this place through different trails such as Ridge Trail, Rockfall Trail, Leopard Trail, Mushroom Trail, and so on while witnessing the unique winter line in the region.

  • Nag Tibba

Nag Tibba is one of the tallest peaks to trek is around 10,000 feet long and is a perfect weekend getaway. 

The trek can be best delighted when you stay there for a night in tents. It is accessible all year round by the watch.

So, when are you heading to Mussoorie?